Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

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  1. Anyone tried one of THESE receivers??

    I was reading some of the feedback on this seller and noted one buyer stated that "jsut like the freesat box. thanks :)"?? Not sure THAT is a plus, if you know what I mean. Decent looking box though.
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  3. Thanks for the tip Lone Gunman, have to read up on this one, and check out the on-screen menu shots.
  4. The specs look good and that is certainly a much improved remote compared to some of the "tiny fingers" junk many boxes come with. I think I'll have to take a closer look.
  5. Not much info on it doing a Google search, that is for sure.
  6. I might bid to $5 for a total of $12 shipped. ;) Wonder what the minimum is set at? If you like collecting dust collectors, here's another one.
  7. That fleaybay vendors username isn't something I've seen before but they are listed as being in Woburn, Massachusetts? Wonder if Scott knows who this is and whether or not they are members here??
  8. OK so I broke one of my rules, ie, I placed a bid on that receiver. I don't normally bid on stuff on fleabay because the place is overrun with shill bidders, which is the reason they hide usernames now. I used to turn in shill bidders on a weekly basis before they hid the names!!

    Ennywho, I made that one bid and I won't make another and we'll see how that does. I see he has another ad up with a "Buy It Now" price of $56 shipped. Hummmm..............
  9. Between the current bid and shipping I would just buy a V8 shipped from the US for 39 bucks. We know they work fine for a cheap receiver.
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  10. Read my signature! The only thing I'll agree with you on is the "cheap" part because I've got a V7 now that's a piece of s**t and the V8 is made by the same ppl! No thanks!
  11. My V8's have never given me a problem.
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  12. Sorry to hit a nerve, won't be offering any suggestions to you anymore.
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  13. Dont take it personal,he just dose not like the V7.
    for the price they are a good receiver.
    if you want better you will pay more.
    for me i now use my Freesat for dish pointing and for a backup.
  14. Yup, don't take it personal, comment wasn't meant to be that way. Sorry!

    All the Freesat stuff is designed around the fact that they are an encryption HACK BOX, which is the reason discussion on them is banned here. That's also the reason that firmware "glitches" in them are hardly ever addressed unless they mess with the encryption hack part of them!

    The V7 I have hasn't been attached to a dish for a couple of months now and it probably won't be in the future, which is part of the reason for my interest in this new Dynosat receiver that has just come on the scene. I have a Micro HD that refuses to work with timed recordings so I need a good dependable box to replace that one on my Winegard system.
  15. Lone, look here:

    Harmony International
    Woburn, MA USA

    Photos almost identical.
    Only glanced at specs, but saw this difference:
    Harmony receiver says: "There is only support for NTSC and not PAL"
    Dynosat receiver says: "USA NTSC default - PAL available"

    Box on the Harmony site is more expensive.
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  16. Thanks for the link Armadillo!! Did some research to try to find out who owns that domain name and it shows up belonging to Andrew Romero?? That and he's owned that domain name since 10/13/2005?? That doesn't mean the website has actually been up that long but that was when he bought the domain name. Here's the copy and paste of that registration info.

    So does anyone know who Andrew Romero is and is he a member here?

  17. Lone Gunman (and anyone else interested). I bought one of these boxes a short time ago but haven't gotten around to checking it out much yet. I did hook it up when it arrived to take a look at the menus and can confirm one thing. You can't specify a diseqc position number when saving sats. It's one of those boxes that has the 'feature' of assigning it automatically. I will try to test it a bit and post up some info and menu pics (hopefully today). :)
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  18. Hummm, thanks for the heads up on this!!

    From what I remember that is one of the major problems with that Manhattan 1978 that KE4EST and Titanium mentioned in that thread I started about those?? Dayumnit!!! Well, I didn't bid that much on it and if it pisses me off like the V7 has then I won't be out of much when I blow it up with my Mossberg 500!!
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    Here is the review of this receiver that I promised along with some pictures of the remote, the receiver and it's menus. Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I started looking it over yesterday afternoon but some things came up that took longer than I thought so I finished up today.

    The receiver was purchased from the eBay seller mentioned in the first post of this thread. The dishes I tested this with were an 8' motorized mesh c band and a 90cm motorized (USALS) ku connected to the receiver via a 4x1 diseqc switch. Port 2 is ku and port 3 is c band. Ports 1 and 4 are currently unused.

    As mentioned by Lone Gunman, it has been said that this receiver is similiar to the Freesat. I would agree with that to some degree, specifically menu-wise, but there are also some important differences. One is that, as far as I can tell, the receiver and it's firmware do not include any provision for conditional access so it can't be used for anything but true FTA. It does not even have a lan port or built-in wireless. :D

    The receiver arrived in a plain brown box with black writing and included a 12VDC power supply, remote, batteries, HDMI cable, RCA a/v cable, 12 page manual and a short guide for someone who is installing a dish for the first time. The receiver appears to be well built with a metal case that measures about 7.75"W x 6"D X 1.5"H. The front panel includes buttons for menu, ok, up, down, left and right as well as a push button power switch to turn the receiver completely off. The display is blue. If the receiver is off but the power button is on the display will say OFF. The rear includes connections for RF out, ANT in, SAT in, USB, HDMI out, dual RCA a/v out, optical audio out and 12VDC/2A in. I didn't mention it in my other post but when I first connected this to my tv it had no problem recognizing it and displaying the menus so apparently it is set up for NTSC by default. If I'm not mistaken this was an issue for some of the Freesat boxes. The remote does not feel flimsy and you really need to press the buttons to get a response. The manual is adequate with a few grammatical errors. The extra installaton booklet is a nice touch. It's not detail intensive but then that's where Satellite Guys comes in. ;)

    Receiver Front and Remote.jpg Receiver Back and Bottom.jpg Sides.jpg

    This is what the main menu looks like.

    Main Menu.jpg

    As I said in my other post this receiver doesn't allow you to specify which diseqc position to save to. Before connecting it to my dishes/vbox I got out my list of which c band satellites are saved to which positions in my vbox. I entered the installation menu, selected the satellite associated with position #1 on my list and changed the settings as needed. Finally I selected Diseqc 1.2 for motor which took me to the 'save' screen. I selected save and confirmed. I repeated this for all of my c band satellites in order saving each as I went. Then I went to the first ku sat, entered the proper settings, selected USALS for motor and pressed the green button to enter my location. It accepted the latitude and longtitude correctly. I mention this as it has been an issue on some receivers in that you needed to enter a weird number (360-your location or something like that). It is not the case with this one. I repeated the setup for each of my ku sats, turned off the power, attached my dishes and powered up again. The first thing I noticed when I came back to the installation menu is this receiver has the same issue of moving the motor as soon as you scroll to a satellite in the list. I find this very annoying but have learned to live with it. One plus is when you switch to the transponder list it actually takes you to the transponder list for the sat you were looking at (which my V8 would not do) and when you scroll through the transponders the 'moving dish' message does not appear. I can't remember if this was an issue on the V7 but it is on my V8.

    Installation Options.jpg Diseqc Save Screen.jpg Transponder.jpg

    Next I tested the scanning capabilities. Blind scan is supported as is scanning by PID. As of this review I have scanned 55.5W, 58W, 87W, 99W, 101W & 103W on c band and 87W, 95W & 103W on ku band. I experienced no issues with scanning (ie: no lock ups and all channels were found that I expected). When I watched the scanned channels the dishes moved to the correct satellite. I did not experienced any problems with the channel not displaying or displaying improperly when I tuned to them. This is sometimes an issue with my V8 where if I change channels and the channel is on another satellite I will need to switch up/down to another channel on the satellite and then back again to get it to lock. One thing I did find annoying but not necessarily problematic was when the receiver lost the signal on a satellite for a channel the box for 'dish moving' would pop up repeatedly. It is very insistent on re-establishing the signal to the point that it was difficult to clear the box long enough to move to another channel/satellite. This would likely not even be an issue if you were using stationary dishes as there is no motor to move but I wanted to mention it.

    The Channel List menu allows you to lock, skip, move, rename or delete tv & radio channels and you can view the channel in a box while you are doing so. I really like this.

    Channel List Menu.jpg Channel List Options.jpg

    The System Menu includes options for language, av setting, time, timer, parental lock, OSD, favorite and other. Video resolutions are 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Aspect modes are auto, 4:3 letterbox, 4:3 pan scan and 16:9. Video effects are standard, default and vivid. Audio out options are LPCM or BS. There are PVR capabilities if you add a drive via the USB port with the option for up to 20 timers. The TEXT button is used to pause both live tv and the DVR but I have not tested this feature yet. Under OSD there are options for subtitle on/off, timeout and transparency. Under Favorites there are 16 lists to store your most used channels in. There are preset categories but they are renameable. I thought this option should have appeared under Channel List but at least it appears somewhere. Under Other there is a beeper option. I assume this has something to do with an audio indication of the signal but I haven't tried that.

    System Menu.jpg Language.jpg AV Settings.jpg Time.jpg
    Timer.jpg Parental Lock.jpg OSD Options.jpg Favorites.jpg

    The Tools menu includes information, factory setting, delete all, USB upgrade/backup and game. Selecting Information will show the hardware/firmware versions. When a USB storage device is inserted a file is created called timeshift.dat which I assume is used when pausing live tv. Backup options are User DB or Presets and the files are BIN format. I haven't tried opening them in any editors so I don't know if they can be altered. The games menu includes Othello and Tetris.

    Tools Menu.jpg Information.jpg Game.jpg

    As of this review I have had the receiver powered on for over 24 hours. It has not reset or locked up. There are ventilation holes on the bottom and sides but none on the top. Even so, it is only warm to the touch.

    Overall, it appears to be a decent receiver, at least in my situation. There are some things I like and some I don't but nothing I can't live with. I won't recommend or not recommend it. I'm simply presenting what I've found so far so you can make your own decision about it. I'm sure I have missed something so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. :)

    EDIT: I knew I'd miss something in my review. I forgot to say something about the Media Center. This sections consists of Music, Picture, Movie, Record Manager, HDD Information, Storage Format, DVR Configuration and Jump. Music, Picture and Movie allow you to access media on the attached drive. Record Manager does as it says and allows you to manage your recordings. HDD Information gives you a look at the used/free space on the drive. Storage Format is used to format your drive. DVR Configuration allows you to turn timeshift on/off and select the partition your recordings will be saved to. Jump sets how far you skip ahead in your recordings. Default is 1 minute. :)
  20. Thanks for the review. But it looks nothing like a Freesat to me, it looks like an Openbox.
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    Are you talking about the receiver itself or the menu system looking like an Openbox? I've never owned one so I can't say either way but I stand by my description of the menus of the HD7500 looking like a Freesat, specifically the V7. I had one until it kicked on me and they look nearly identical. Found this video showing the similarity. :rolleyes:

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