Eastern arc vs Western arc

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  1. I'm sure he meant 5 points on the scale...
  2. ok, that would make more sense.
  3. No. I measured it myself before they came. It was off by 5 degrees which is a bit but the signal didn’t get any better.
  4. I told dish network it was visually different than when it was installed. I originally had somewhere between 60 and 80 on the scale varying depending on weather. Of course that’s without leaves on the trees yet. Now it’s between 30 and 50. I’m working on saving money for an OTA adapter so I can switch to WA and cancel locals. I’ll probably have to by my own LNB and install it myself. Doubt dish will send someone. I already verified LOS.
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  5. I’ve had dish since February and am furious with them because I can only get good signal a quarter of the year on the default install. On the opposite side of the state WA is default. No wonder they lose so many customers. At least PQ is good.
  6. Once you have your OTA adapter, call Dish and speak to the Loyalty Team. Explain to them that signal quality hasn't been right since the beginning. Tell them you believe you need western arc and that the service is useless to you and you'll have to cancel if they can't help. I'll be you dimes to dollars they'll come out and replace it no charge.
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  7. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep that in mind. I have a contact in Executive Escalations from last week when I first emailed them. I bet he could have that done. He agrees that my signal quality shouldn’t be that low. I just have to avoid the standard unintelligent/uninformed CSR’s.
  8. WA (625) is SD broadcasting, EA (722) is HD broadcasting and requires more digital information so it does fade before the SD signal.
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  9. 5 Degrees would lose the signal. Sounds like a warped dish, what happened he isn't telling us about.
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  10. I thought the same! I've decided to not pay any attention to this poster because he often talks out of left field....
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