Echostar 15 launch update


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Satellites are essentially assigned boxes. They drift around in these boxes as various gravitational forces have their way. When they get close to an edge of their assigned box they fire thrusters to nudge it back into the box.


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Aug 27, 2010
The new e*15 might be on the right spot, but for us in Puerto Rico DISH says that we cannot access it because it it was not designed for us. How can a bird with a footprint of excellence since we can pick it up with a 30" dish not be available to us.

And where is the adjustment on my 193.00 a month bill when lots of AEP are blocked or missing when my signal on ALL 119/110/61.5 are from 70 to 107 using three 4 ft dishes.

We are being treated like second class citizens. If I am not mistaken, when the Gulf war started, my uniform had the American flag and said U.S. Army. If there is a next time I will just say you die for me this time you jhjiuhummk.


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Guam is part of the US also. They are all US citizens. None of them can receive from Dish or DirecTV satellites either.

No guarantees of reception. It's all about where you live, not who you are.


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Jul 17, 2009
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Yes Navychop you are right, Guam residents are also US Citizens. But you also said it "it depends where you live". And Puerto Rico is within the footprint of Echostar 15, Guam is not, neither Alsaka, Hawaii or the western part of CONUS. Puerto Rico has the stongest signal for this satellite, better than any other place in the USA. Also within the specifications of the FCC Dish submitted, it explained that the bird was design for CONUS and Puerto Rico. I think that what dbs2000 is trying to say is that Dish is giving us Puerto Rico residents dumb excuses, as always, this is just standard operating procedure from Dish toward us here on the island. In reality there is no real reason not to give us some space on that sat and give us what we are already paying for. Is either that or give some kind of credit. That is how they are treating us as second class citizens by not taking this into consideration before making changes. The other difference between Guam and Puerto Rico residents is that Dish is doing business here since 1997 and also we have 4.5 million residents between Puerto Rico and USVI. But I guess for Dish this are small differences. Ah!!! and also remembered: We can see all HD channels on our lineup is just that Dish does not activate them, there are all red and when you try and change to some of those red channels it tells you to call to subscribe but guess what we can not because ????????? NOBODY after ALL this YEARS KNOWS WHY. Now I hope you understand where we come from when we here in Puerto Rico and USVI express our frustrations. Their is no logic to this and nobody is willing to give a reasonable explanation but still they are willing to take the money. Dish has more costumers here in Puerto Rico/USVI per square inch than any other part of the US, our area is aprox 100 x 35 miles and Dish has 250,000 subscribers here alone; that's 71.5 costumers per square mile. Now think about that, bet you can drive a few miles without seeing any Dish antennas in you area but for sure there is no way you are going to miss seeing 71.5 4 foot antennas per sq. mile driving around here. This are real numbers expressed by Dish to local retailers here on the island and this are beginning of the year numbers.

PS. My signal from Echostar 15 is between 72 and 90 depending the TP. Still think the sat is not design to cover Puerto Rico?
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Jul 17, 2009
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Good Morning

Dish has turned on new TP's on Echostar 15. And they have uploded virtual HD channels wish means that some HD channels will be uploaded there or at least that's what it seams. Anyhow this are my readings from Puerto Rico, clear sky.

TP Signal

06 82
12 96
23 82
24 84