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Mar 14, 2006
I've been a Directv customer for a few years, last year I subscribed to their protection plan from about Jan. - Nov., when i canceled. Now, when i try to activate the plan again on line - I was surprised to find that it tells me I'm not eligible for it. Any thoughts as to why I'm locked out of it at this time...Do I have to wait for say 60 days or something to sign up again for it?
Pick up that thing thay call a Telephone and give them a call and ask them why. I know it is very hard to do, but you might get a answer why.
yeah I will when I get a chance, I dread calling CS, was just wondering if Directv had an across the board policy such as having to wait 90 days before getting the coverage reinstated, etc. Will let you know when I get around to calling, in the meant time if anyone has experienced this by all means let me know...
Honestly I never heard of someone not being eliable for it . might just have to call us to add it back on. Dont ask why you cant online just keep it simple, add it via csr and then ask why if they cant.
Please reply by conversation.

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