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Nov 16, 2003
I know there was once an email address at Dish to use to report poor picture on a local station. The Johnstown/Altoona affiliates just went online today and ABC-23 is very bad...lots of ghosting, etc. I wanted to inquire if this will be addressed at some point. (You can tell its an OTA signal which is funny since ABC-23 feeds all local cable companies a fiber optic feed) Also, channel 3 in Altoona market is showing as "technical difficulties" and I wanted to inquire as to how long that will be down.

The address is:

They seem to take these complaints seriously. I sent in a complaint on Saturday morning....Within 3 hours I got a call back from Dish's Satellite up-link center with a representative from the local station conferenced onto the call. They wanted me to tune to the station and describe the problem. At the time the picture quality looked really good. they told me they'd continue to monitor the station. I then got a follow-up call a few days later to see if I was continuing to notice issues. Finally I got a 3rd call telling me that the "minor" issue had to do with the way certain network programs were being stored digitally on HDD's at the local stations before the broadcast. They listed programs they felt had the problems, and asked me to verify the picture quality during other broadcasts.
The last contact from Dish was a note letting me know there was not too much they could do since it was at the station, but they had advised the local station of the issue. I was surprised by the major response to a single simple email I had sent. Honestly I didn't even expect a form letter response. I only wrote the original email as a "vote" for improving picture quality.
I told you they will answer your email especially if you give a phone number they can reach you at . They will work to rectify any problems. :D
shilton said:
ABC-23 feeds all local cable companies a fiber optic feed

Man, if thats the case, Adelphia in State College must go out of their way to make the signal worse! I can't fathom that the Dish feeds look worse than my cable feeds.

Shilton, since you seem to know some of the broadcasters in our area, have you heard if they will ever go to HD? Somehow, I highly doubt it. Especially considering the FOX feed we get in State College isn't even in Stereo. (Whats even worse is that one of the cable companies around here doesn't even broadcast HBO in stereo.... that should be a crime)
Concerning a particular local station, they do jump on them quickly. I've called 3 times about different stations having a problem and they had it fixed within hours.

But as far as general Dish PQ goes, they don't give a damn. I had a Dish VP call me and he was all concerned about the poor quality of my locals. He said he would pass my report on to the tech people and you know that's as far as it will get. As long as they keep adding LIL and packing 12 channels per transponder and J6P sits there in front of his tiny little 20" TV and doesn't know any better, they are not going to change. I voted with my wallet, I've dropped all Dish programming except the HD Pack and Locals (for guide info).
I know that Channel 8 - ABC - WCHS in the Charleston, WV DMA has been messing up and the audio is out of sync with the video.

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