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Colorado Kid

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Jul 11, 2019
Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

I was strongly recommended by a cousin to contact you for some information and answers to some questions in regards to my DISH account. I signed up yesterday as a new member. Rather than explain all I needed in a forum, because of the potential length, I happened across an email: , and decided to send an email instead, explaining all I was requesting. As of today, I haven't heard back in regards to the email, and need to have an answer by Sunday 7/15 at the latest. I have a very, very limited access to email over the weekend due to the "new" apartment I am now in.

How long does a response typically take from the direct email?

I really need help to determine what my next step is.

I will only be at work for the next 10min, and won't have access until later tonight, to even check here for a response.

Thank you, very sincerely, for your help with this. And I look forward to hearing back from someone, hopefully with this and the email that was sent.

Dan........................(Parker, CO)
I believe the helpme address is for help regarding the software that satelliteguys works with, not Dish account questions. You would do better in the forums.
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