Equity filled the void on 2 channels

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Nov 17, 2003
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Since Equity sold KPOU and KKFQ (both Univisons) tonight I noticed there was programming on these 2 channels (was black screen before). It was Cheers

Good news-its not a black screen
Bad News-its just a mirror of WNGS with no logo in corner

Maybe Good News-they're keeping it warm for a new channel
Maybe Better News-Hopefully its a RTN network :)

KPOU is on 11800 13th channnel in Mux
KKFQ is on 11720 TP...forget where in the list it is
Stations Equity shows they either own or have an agrement with that aren't on either satellite (C or KU)
(ones bolded are my personal ones they should add) :D

WYGA: Atlanta, GA
KBTZ: Butte / Bozeman, MT, FOX & MyNetworkTV
KTUW: Cheyenne, WY / Scottsbluff, NE, RTN
WUJF-LP: Dothan, AL
WEVU-CA: Ft. Myers / Naples, FL, MyNetworkTv
W56EJ: Gainesville, FL
WUHQ: Grand Rapids, MI, Mas Musica
KLMN: Great Falls, MT, FOX & MyNetworkTV
WJXF: Jackson, MS, Univision
WBLU: Lexington, KY, MyNetwork TV & RTN
KIMG-LP: Los Angeles, CA
WTMS-CA: Minneapolis, MN, Telefutura
KMMF: Missoula, MT, FOX and MyNetworkTV
K55JY: Monroe, LA / El Dorado, AR
WGAP-LP: Nashville, TN, Univision
KWDW: Oklahoma City, OK, Telefutura
KUSE-LP: Seattle, WA
K34HQ: Sherman, TX
KUTW: Waco / Temple / Bryan, TX, Univision
KWKO: Waco / Temple / Bryan, TX, Univision
WSLF-LP: West Palm Beach, FL
KOUN-LP: Wichita Falls / Lawton, OK, Univision
K36GZ: Wichita Falls / Lawton, OK, Telefutura

I assume the 3 Montana Fox/My are probably the same station with maybe some local advertising

The FT Myers station shows ECHL hockey (got to see some when I was there a couple years ago) :)

Also the Telefutura in Mpls isn't....its still Daystar (I can verify that)
Is there a breakdown list somewhere listing the RTN and MY Network TV stations found on G10/G3?
Thanks. I had some serious outdated channel listings that needed fixing. Vermont and the Tube being 2 of them with the Lake Charles channel.
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