Error 002 on DP311 - not getting the receiver to get the locals


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Aug 5, 2004
I have the following setup:
Super Dish
DPP44 Switch
711 receiver
DP311 receiver
711 receiver works just fine and can see 110, 119 ansd 121 satellites (with very good signal bar - very close to 100).

Where as DP311 can not see the DPP44 switch and can only see the 110 satellite (again, with a good signal bar, in 90s).

From the DP311 receiver, I can see the "Welcome to Dish 500" channel. I can see all the 9000 and PPV channels perfectly fine (it even shows first few mins. of the movie free) but when I switch to 7000 or 1-99 which are locals for Milwaukee, I get the following message:

Error 002
The satellite signl has been temporarily lost. Please wait or press UP or DOWN arrow button to change channels
Channel: 58
Spotbeam: 04
Model: DP311

I can change the channel but the spotbeam is always 04 (in the above error message). I noticed in the check switch window, I can set/change to any transponder number for the 110 satellite but on the error message, the spotbeam is always 04.

I confirmed with DishNetwork several times that Milwaukee local channels come from 110. I believe they used to be through 121. I have only locals subscribed.

  • - I switched the cables but no success. Actually with few other cables, I get no satellite (not even 110).
  • - Turned it off completely for few hours and turned it back on with no success.
  • - Reset it from the power button with no success.
  • - Connected it directly to the 110 dish and it showed 110. I was not able to get 119 and 121 satellite even when connected directly to the dish. Ran a test switch as well.
  • - Ran a test switch with no satellite cables connected so it can reset itself.
  • -Software is up to date - P3.18
  • - I switched 711 and DP11 cables. 711 receiver works where 311 does not and DP311 receiver does not work where 711 works.
Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem or not but the actual dish (SuperDish) has very little window (open space) to get the clear signals from the satellites - It's installed on my patio and my own roof and neighbors house is on the way, partially. Then, if this analogy is true, how come 711 is working fine.

One thing I would like to do is to test the receiver at some other location.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank a bunch,
Have you tried the 311 at the location where the 721 is? Swap receivers and see if the problem moves with the receiver.

Since the 721 can see the three birds, I don't think there is a problem with the location of the dish.
Yes, it does.

When I connected the 721 to the 311 spot, it worked just fine.

When I connected 311 to the 721 spot (two incoming cables), it worked with one and not the other. When I say it work ed is that it found 110 satellite but it did not found the DPP44 switch.

From this , the problem seems to be with the receiver but It was working fine when I disconnected it last and now facing this problem.

The only change is the SuperDish, DPP44 switch and location is new.
Right, I have power inserter on port 1.
I tried 311 on the power inserter's port (which comes out from the other end), 2dn port, but now it's connected on the 3rd one.

Thank you for your assistance,
I am planing to borrow a friends receiver if that works or not (recognizes the DPP44 switch). I'll let you know.
Thank you,

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