ESPN-Cox debate endangers future cable service

Cox is also in a Dispute in Omaha Ne over the CBS HDTV feed.

KMTV3 made them pull the CBS HDTV channel.

KMTV said the reason is they are forcing customers to buy the top of the line Digitial Package before they can get the Free over the Air HDTV channel.

Since they are making lots of money by people switching to the $50 a month Digital package (many switching so they can watch the Super Bowl in HD) KMTV should get some of the money (like 50 cents per customer).

Cox refused to even talk to KMTV. KMTV has been trying to get a meeting to talk about it for 11 Months.

KMTV pulled the HDTV station off of Cox cable just in time for the CBS Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Hundreds have not switched to Dishnetwork on the free 811 offer. KMTV is running TV adds for the 811 at a reduced price for the local Dish Retailers.

Cox is runing counter ads saying free tv is free tv (yets you cant get it for free on cox).

Cox Cables rates have increased about every 6 Months, they have a Spinning PIG on there web site to counter the feed the pig ad.

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