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May 26, 2004
OK here goes.

While watching a baseball game on ESPN HD the other day I have a question.

Supposedly the game was not in HD. So, I tried looking at the game on both ESPN and ESPNHD.

For some reason the ESPNHD channel had a much clearer picture than the regular ESPN(I wasn't watching reg. ESPN on stretch view).

So, my question is, why is there a PQ difference when neither one of the channels was offering the game in HD.

ON ESPNHD it looked like the game was in HD but just in 4:3 format.

BTW(it was the Cubs v. Cards I believe).

Thanks for help.
ESPNHD is upconverted to HD even though the content is not HD, providing a much clearer picture. Plus the bitrate which you are receiveing it is about 5 times greater than an SD picture.

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