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Dec 18, 2003
In owning both platforms, both are top notch. Voom having over 30HD
channels and Expressvu HD having over 20HD. The set up was easier on
Vu and locating nimiq 1 and nimiq 2 but on Voom it took me over 2 days to find rainbow 1 yes 2 days! Vu 6000 reciever started up without a glitch and so did Voom unit with a couple of re-boots but has been operating for over month now ok. For Vu I am using a 60cm VU dish with a twin lnb and on nimiq 1 I am seeing 87 and on nimiq 2 96 signal strengh. With Voom I decided to not use there 18inch dish and use a Starchoice eliptical dish and modifed end for Voom lnb fit and my signal is 76. As far as picture quailty both are great, Vu HD looks sharper most likely because of more space on nimiq 2 but Voom is holding it's own, just to let you know my tv is a 50inch wega sony. As far as menu's there is no comparsion Voom is alot better in every way, we will see a better ipg when Vu comes out with there version of the 811 it will most likely be called a 8000. Well I have had three movie partys and my girl loves it.
I live outside of toronto, voom is very good but not the best platform but
close. The reason why it took two days is I let my brothers son do it, I gave him a project while he was staying with us over the holidays. My next projecct will be a 921.

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