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Sep 7, 2003
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Dear SatelliteGuys.US Member,

As I sit here and type this note, I can not believe how fast we have grown! We are just over 4 months old and already we have over 2,000 registered members and over 30,000 topics!

We have also grown with 5 users online to over 300 online at any one time!

The rate of growth that we have had has surpassed what our current software can handle! As you may have noticed there are periods of time where the site is slow or is down altogether. We have worked last month to move our site to a new dedicated server. Even on this new state of the art server we are still having noticeable system problems.

Ultimately it all comes down to our current forum software being the problem, it is not made to handle this many people online at the same time. Our software phpBB was a great choice for us when we first started, it was free and it did what we needed it to do, however we have grown to big for our current software.

Because of the kindness of our “pub” members and from the support of the good folks at DishStore.NET I am proud to announce that on Saturday January 17th, SatelliteGuys will be upgrading it’s software to Vbulletin! Vbulletin is the software whick powers many popular forum sites such as AVSforum, Home Theater Forum and DBSTalk.

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard behind the scenes to mold and shape the Vbulletin software to look and as much like the current SatelliteGuys.US forums as possible!

On Saturdays morning the phpBB site will be going offline and we will be flipped over to Vbulletin, all posts, users, passwords and message areas will carry over to the new software!

However certain things will NOT carry over to the new forum, these things that will not carry over include Avatars, stored private messages, File Attachments, and user taglines. You will be able to re-add these things on the new software once it’s online.

We will be keeping the old phpBB site online as an archive for a few months so you will be able to access the features which were not carried over.

Please understand that while the site is ready and has been tested out, Rome was not built in a day, and there may be some minor bugs, we will be working hard to smooth things out for you.

Besides making the site stable, it will also allow us to offer you exclusive features which you will not find anywhere else! We are actually doing some of our own programming to make exclusive features for you!

We are proud to start 2004 with a bang and we are not done yet, we have a few more surprises we are already working on! We are working hard to make SatelliteGuys.US the Internet’s Premiere Satellite Information site!

Again thank you to our Pub Members and the folks from DishStore.NET for making this move possible.

And finally thank you for being a member and helping us grow so fast. We take great pride building a site you enjoy visiting.

All The Best!

Scott Greczkowski
Founder SatelliteGuys.US
Man you guys should have seen the online chat when I announced the site was closing... (I ran out of room to type in the chat box)

The reaction from the crowd was priceless. For the first time I knew that SatelliteGuys.US means a lot to everyone. :)

Then I broke the tension to continue, closing to upgrade to Vbulletin. The chat went nuts and we had one of the most fun chats I can remember!

Thanks everyone!!!!

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