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Feb 11, 2010
Actually never dreamed small-town USA would get pure fiber. This is the best it gets none of the copper wires coming from the hub. Feel very fortunate because we missed out on the grant money due to Centurylink's involvement saying they provided enough high-speed internet already so ALLO along with city support for infrastructure right away is flipping the construction cost.
I would like to show my appreciation and get TV too but it's hard giving up YTTV and start paying for DVR services again pushing up big cable bills again so decided to just stick with the internet 500 MB up and down for $60 a month. They offer a Gig for $89. I have a weather website (hobby) with a full-time streaming camera the extra bandwidth will be nice. I'll go to a full 5 Mbps and 30 fps once connected to fiber, currently at 3 Mbps and 15 fps on CenturyLink 5 Mbps upload speed. My camera stream is here: Welcome, Valentine Nebraska real-time weather with HD webcams - Stream and it's rather boring unless we have weather happening.

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Mar 19, 2010
I live in the middle of a wooded 10 acre lot that's about 15 miles from the nearest City and after living here for 20+ years with crap internet service I had given up on anything like this years ago!!

FYI I belong to and receive electric power from Central Virginia Electric Coop and back when that grant money was being passed out they presented a deal that was approved where EVERY home/business that received electricity from them would have fiber run to that same location whether you wanted it or not!!

Well, I'd been waiting for about 18 months but it finally was installed here on March 31st and I've been loving every minute of it since!! I went from a Sprint hot spot @ around 15mbps down and half that up to 100mbs up and down with UNLIMITED service that's only costing me $50 a month. And, if I want more they also offer an unlimited 1GBPS up and down for $80 a month.

Only bad part is I'm 75 with failing health and don't know how long I'll get to use it but use it I will!! Oh, and now the Wife can stream anything she wants without me complaining about bandwidth!! It's a plus/plus no matter how you look at it! :clapping

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