Farthest tv station you have received?


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Dec 12, 2012
I live in Rochester, MN (in a valley as well) and once several years ago I received stations from somewhere in Nebraska. There happened to be some solar flares going on at the time.


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Oct 19, 2004
Lubbock, Texas
Forty or so years ago I remember receiving a tropo signal from a San Francisco TV station in Carlsbad New Mexico using one of the old Finco's in my avatar.

What great antennas those were and we needed them our NBC station was 72 miles away.


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Sep 3, 2010
Hazelwood, Missouri
Earlier this summer I received my all-time farthest analog or digital TV logging when WTCE (licensed to Fort Pierce; transmitter even farther south toward Jupiter) came in at the vacation home I was staying in just outside Charleston, SC. 391 miles according to Google Earth. It came in long enough to decode PSIP and briefly get a viewable picture. I was only using a Mohu Leaf indoor UHF antenna with a Hauppauge USB stick on a laptop. I also got several Orlando and Jacksonville signals there, as well as nearer Columbia, Florence, Savannah and Wilmington stations.

The farthest away I've logged TV at my current home (about 20 mi NW of downtown St. Louis) is KSMO Kansas City at about 225 miles, with runner-up KYTV Springfield/Fordland (about 176 miles). I live in a northwest-facing valley so even local reception is 1edge and impossible without a rooftop or outdoor antenna; I have an Antennas Direct UHF/VHF antenna on a 14-foot mast up the hill in the back yard for a total height of about 20-22 feet above the house. With this setup I get full-power Hannibal/Quincy FM throughout the day and usually get KHQA and WGEM TV in the early morning hours.

During the analog era I was in Nebraska 23 mi. SW of downtown Omaha and my most distant identifiable log was KWKB Iowa City when it was a WB station, at about 250 miles. I'd see shadowy black and white signals on channel 2 in particular but was never able to accurately pick any out.


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Apr 2, 2007
Hudson Valley Region, NY
Furthest received here many years ago was from analog channel 5 from West Palm Beach, Florida. I was watching WNEW from NYC and the ducting brought in the Florida station clear as could be. At 100+ miles, WNEW was the only metro channel I could receive in upstate NY that was at least watchable at the time with the antenna pointed due south.


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Nov 30, 2011
Of the 3 tuners I scan (two are mine, one belongs to a friend), the furthest signals received are the following:

In Topeka, KS: 589 miles, WAAY
In Kansas City, MO: 443 miles, WEUX
In Louisburg, Kansas: 474 miles, WHWC


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Nov 29, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Analog days, late 70s, Milwaukee WI, Winegard VHF/UHF on roof, Alliance tennarotor...WSAV-3 Savannah, GA for about 30 minutes in the late afternoon

Justin Hill

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Jan 6, 2016
Green Bay
I remember receiving WJFW NBC 12 of Rhinelander, Wisconsin (serving the Wausau market) from our house in Gillett, Wisconsin (served by the Green Bay market) back in 1996.
It came in like a local station that evening back in 1996...