FCC Moves on 61.5-Degree Spectrum Issues


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Sep 8, 2003
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From our friends at SkyReport.com

The International Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission approved a request from Cablevision's Rainbow DBS unit concerning service at the 61.5-degree location, and denied a request from EchoStar concerning its operations from the same orbital location.

On Thursday, the bureau released an order granting Rainbow DBS' request - on a special temporary authority (STA) basis - to operate on two unassigned channels at the 61.5-degree orbital location for up to 180 days or until the channels are permanently assigned. In the same order, the bureau denied EchoStar's request to renew its STA to continue operations over the same two unassigned channels.

The International Bureau said granting the Rainbow DBS application will promote efficient use of DBS spectrum and will facilitate the expansion of service options to consumers by a new entrant - at least on a temporary basis. The bureau stressed that the order is only temporary, and the decision has no effect on permanent use of the unassigned channels at 61.5 degrees.

In response, EchoStar said, "We have always understood that our use of the two unassigned channels was on a temporary basis, but we are disappointed with the FCC's decision to temporarily assign use of these channels to another company. We hope and expect that the FCC will move quickly to conduct a public auction of these unassigned channels open to all interested bidders. This will assure that the spectrum is put to its best use most expeditiously, and accomplish the important goal of raising funds to contribute to the reduction of the federal budget deficit."
Perhaps Dish knows that they would be more willing to shell out the money for those two transponders than Rainbow satellite. The more space Dish gets the worse off Rainbow is.

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