FCC Moves on Ka-Band Issues


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Sep 8, 2003
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From our friends at SkyReport.com

There have been recent Ka-Band moves at the Federal Communications Commission involving two companies.

According to documents at the FCC, EchoStar filed an application for authority to construct, launch and operate a satellite in the fixed-satellite service (FSS) using Ka-Band frequencies at 125 degrees. The company proposed to offer DTH services, two-way broadband, interactive capabilities and HD content to consumers from the location, the FCC said.

Also, EchoStar filed an amendment to an application to construct, launch and operate a FSS/Ka-Band satellite at the 97-degree orbital location. According to the FCC document, locating the satellite at the slot provides better look-angles for CONUS customers and permits service to Hawaii and parts of Alaska. EchoStar has increased the number of beams on the proposed satellite to extend coverage to both of those States, as well as to the Caribbean, the FCC said.

Meanwhile, the FCC declared null and void Pegasus' license for two Ka-Band satellites at the 117-degree orbital location due to failure to begin construction by the required date. Construction was scheduled to begin August 2003, the FCC said. The location is up for re-assignment.

Pegasus wanted to relocate the two satellites to 87 degrees, and filed an application for the move. Since it found the 117-degree license null and void, the FCC said Pegasus' request for reassignment to the 87-degree orbital location is moot.

Ka-Band is considered spectrum that will support next-generation satellite systems. Among the licensees are Hughes' SpaceWay, WildBlue and EchoStar.
And they were stating that 105 and/or 121 would be used for HD and/or Broadband internet. Now they realized that they needed the space reserved to add local channels and need another slot dedicated to HD and broadband, but wouldn't you think that there would need to be a slot dedicated to broadband, and another one dedicated to HD? There will be some issues with these multiple locations and having to have mutiple big dishes or the size of a dish that MIGHT be able to bring in two FSS satellites in addition to 110 and 119.
I may have found a picture of the new multi-satellite dish. It's the odd-shaped one behind the two round dishes in the picture at the URL listed below. It looks like it's set up to easily add more LNBs.

:shock: http://www.dishretailer.com/ts2001/5/MVC-012S.JPG :shock:

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