SW 64 not working at all!!! Help


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Oct 28, 2003

I just put in a sw 64 switch to feed three receivers from three legacy dual LNBF's. I'm using my 6000 as receiver 1 with the power inserter. The other two receivers are a 501 and a 508.

The switch check fails from any of the receivers and there is no signal from any transponder. All coax is good and power is showing up at the switch (at input 1).

Any ideas would be appreciated. I bought the sw thru ebay.


PS: All LNBF's worked and dishes are correctly aimed. This was just a switch update from sw21's to allow me to tie the 6000 into the 110/119 dish.
Try unplugging all the receivers, and the power inserter for a minute or so.

Also, double check the switch input connections. 1a/1b should go to the 119 LNBF, 2a/2b to the 110 LNBF and 3a/3b to the 61.5/148 LNBF in that order.

If the receivers still fail the switch check, and ~24V is showing at the cable connected to switch output #1, I am afraid to say that you may have a faulty SW64.
unplug (power) all of your receivers.
unplug(power) the power inserter.
make sure power inserter is connected to #1 on the sw64 switch.

make any cable adjustments / connections if (neccessary)

once you have checked all of the above plug in the receivers
then the power inserter.

try that if that doesn't work try the following:
use a legacy (non dish pro receiver) as the receiver connected to the
power inserter.

also with the power inserter powered and no receiver connected to it
check the voltage (dc) from the coax just before it connects into the sw64 switch.

also if you have splices/coupled 2 cables together check the connections for rust or water or just a bad crimp.

some of these sw64 can be finicky as I have installed only about a dozen
and these are some of the problems I have encountered.

p.s.I have found that the cable run from the sw64 switch to the inserter should be as short as possible.
Thanks to kt and gredneck for the assistance! All suggestions tried with no results..... but, good news! My ebay seller is shipping me a replacement! If it works he will get good feedback at the auction site.

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