811 Transponder, Channels missing and Switch Problems


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Dec 22, 2003
What is the right order for the Swicth to connect the LNB cables to it from a SuperDish antenna?
Right now, I have:
119--->Input 1
110--->Input 2
105--->Input 3
Signal strengh bar is variable from day to day. But these are the averages:
The Transponder used is 11.
Some channels on the 110 sat, are unable to see, even though on the EPG are shown. The message obtained is:
Channel: 825
When I go: MENU-6-1-1 (Setup)
The transponder is on 3. I change the transponder to 11, run a check switch, does the 3 out of 3 tests, and the error comes back at the same transponder 3 with wrong satellite and no signal in the signal bar.
What can I do to LOCK a satellite transponder?
The rest of the channels have Transponder 11 or 17 or 18 sometimes. Is this normal?
On the top of that, HDNet and HDNetMovies are just BLACK SCREENS showing the channel info. No picture at all. I called CSRV and wasted 30 min on the line, doing the same things, and no results. The CSRV gave up and hung me up. That is just great! (Nice touch, by the way!)
What can I do to display those channels with the right transponder?
And If there has to be an specific order to connect the switch?
When they came to install the SDish (their first one, too!) said the order wasn't a big deal.
Everyday I have to reset the 811 either by unplugging it, pressing the ON button on the receiver for 10 secs or insert a card in the front slot and do all that circus of checking the switch.
Thanks for your comments and/or possible answers.
Your signal strengths on the 110 and 105 satellites are low. It is likely that your dish is not aimed correctly. You should be getting a much higher signal from 110 and 105. The swich test will fail if the signal strength is too low.

When you are looking at signal strength you should be aware that you will not be able to get a good signal on all transponders. That is because some are spot beams and they might not be receivable in your area. The spot beams from the 119 satellite are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 and from the 110 satellite they are 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.
Thank you very much for your advice. I worked on my dish this last weekend. I secured the foundation, bolts and orientation of the SDish. These guys installed my dish like they have never installed one before. I am not an expert, but with a little of common sense and the help of my wife to tell me the signal strengh on each satellite... Bam!!! 119W is almost 106, 110W is around 95 and 105W is like 85. Now all my channels work perfectly. No further adjustments neither check switch run. So far, only my audio has gone once. I reset the receiver, and the audio came back.
Thanks again for your help.
Happy Holidays!

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