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Mar 15, 2008
Dallas Tx Burbs
Hey Guys, I have been happy with Verizon's FIOS for years. The discounts ran out and I upped my speeds to save some money for a year. NOW Verizon has dumped all the residential customer here in Garland, TX to Frontier Communications in NY state. When I do speedtest.net, it starts out around 40Gbs and eventually gets to the 50Gbs that I am paying for. On the up link I eventually get speeds near 60Gbs. In July 2017 my discounts will expire and my bill will be raised another $49.
In my zip code, Time Warner, (now called Spectrum) , AT&T (now coupled with DirecTV) and Frontier Communications are the three major providers. I have been a DirecTV subscriber for 20 yrs this month and have done all my own dish installations.
Spectrum offers Internet and one phone line with 100Gbs for base price of $65 plus taxes. I am let
to believe that it is an open account with no contract and the modem/router is included and not a lease item.
AT&T officeswere closed at the time of this posting.

My present FIOS system provides one house phone and a path for my security system to call their control center in case there is an alarm triggered by storms, fire, unauthorized entry.. etc

My questions is : What pitfalls should I look for while shopping for new Internet services in my area ?
Are there any pros and cons on cable vs FIOS ?
What bad experiences with these or any other providers in my zip of 75044 ?

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