Fellow Boston DMAers - is this new NBC Boston a joke?

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Oct 26, 2010
2017 is starting off terribly for the Boston market on Directv. First Hearst takes WMUR (ABC), WCVB (ABC), and for those of us in the VT part of the DMA WNNE (NBC). A couple hours later, bye bye WFXT (Fox) but that has been restored, just after football.

Lost in the mix is our new NBC Boston channel, WBTS 10 on Directv. This can't be a serious station. What are they doing? First of all, how is Directv receiving the signal? Looks OTA from a LP, which WBTS is. Lots of breakups, audio drops, and randomly flashing a black screen. Second, the picture quality is subpar. I am comparing to the NBC DNS feed. There is much blurring and blocking around any graphics on NBC Boston, but everything is crystal clear on WNBC. WNNE's sister station is WPTZ and I have them OTA and it's not as sharp as WNBC, and it's too bright as everything on WPTZ/WNNE is, but the picture is better than NBC Boston. Third, do we really need that gigantic NBC Boston logo on the screen ALL THE TIME? It's huge! And annoying! Fourth, why is the NBC-on-demand + still on WHDH? Fifth - the audio is too loud and it just sounds weird, I can't put my finger (or ear) on it.

Many of the signal flaws noted about WNBC Boston were observed by myself and others on "Countdown NBC Boston" but nothing has been done to fix it.

I was fearful of losing DNS when the new NBC Boston launched. So one good thing TV-related so far because it's still there.
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