Few throw in Dish towel

From my own experience, I had just signed up for Dish just days before the Viacom channels were removed. In fact, my service was actually installed the day the channels were gone... but I wasn't worried. I knew it wouldn't last long, so I went through with it and stuck it out. Everyone was talking about it, but those that I talked to were on Dish's side.

I think many like me have not canceled dish yet.

I just got my Direct TV installed and I want to make sure all is good and that I have all my recorded DVR shows watched before I cancel.

Should be any day now.

Many other in the forums for Direct have also just switched and are waiting for installs.

I think Dish will see the real numbers soon (like the end of the Month).
Everyone I've talked to, or read from, who has switched from Dish to Direct have all mentioned Customer Service and Hardware Reliability/Functionality as the main reasons for switching. Some mentioned programming/value. None that I can remember mentioned Viacom.

Dish has far more serious issues than a few days of missing Viacom programming.
I switched and I do not regret doing so. I have found D* to be equal or superior in everyway except the super stations. TIVO is much better than the E* pvr's. Picture quality is equal. CS is eqal. Software seems to be superior. Multiple manufacturers is definitly a plus. NFL package is great. Pricing seems to be about the same. Just my 2 cents.
I imagine some that switch to DirecTv do so because DirecTv may offer features/functionality on their receivers that the Dish Network receivers do not have, particularly the DVR's.

When Dish adds the name-based recording to the Dish DVR's that will help prevent some from switching to DirecTv for their Tivo functionalities. Dish does have some reliability issues with their DVR's.
At work, beside myself, another two E* have bailed, one to D* and one to Comcast. We just got tired of Charlie and his games and crappy hardware.

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We should do something like this for the 921's 2nd coming

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