FIOS HD MultiRoom DVR Questions


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Nov 28, 2007
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I am considering switching from Dish to FIOS. I know that the DVR and guide are an issue but I may be able to get past that. I have 2 HDTV's. If I get an HD Multi Room DVR for the main tv and a HD STB (no dvr) for the second HD TV can I watch everything from the HD Multi Room DVR on the second HD TV in HD? Also if I change the second box to be a HD DVR can I still watch anything from the HD Multi Room DVR?
The multi room dvr can only be sent to a reg sd box at this time .The hd box is coming soon. also the hd dvr can not see the multi room dvr.I have 1 multi room and 1 hd dvr +2 reg sd boxes. They are not as good as a 622/722 but the picture is great and the guide does SUCK .
The above is true to a point. Currently, the HD multiRoom Dvr can not foward a recording to another DVR. But, I have a HD multiroom DVR and three other HD receivers in other rooms. The HD MR DVR can foward an HD recording to another HD receiver without problems. It is a great option to have. The guide is lacking, but it is a great service.
I think Tivo HD may be a better option. You can share programs between your Tivos and there are no issues with the guide or capacity. You will own the box and the monthly costs are pretty much the same.

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