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Sep 20, 2005
It's a tad faster, but not WOW faster.


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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
I've never had any luck trying stuff like that, always end up going back. So its Chrome or Firefox.

I havent touched Chrome since going to Quantum.


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Aug 9, 2004
It definitely faster and less resource hungry.
I will try it out as a daily driver when it officially releases and add-ons such as LastPass work with it.


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Sep 9, 2003
Definitely faster than recent firefox versions. Compared it to Chrome and it was sometimes quite a bit faster , sometimes about the same and ina few cases slower. The jury is out here.


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Jun 7, 2009
I've used Firefox ever since I first heard about it when everyone was still using Internet Explorer. I stuck with them when just about everyone else was switching to Chrome because I prefer to use an open source browser made by a non-profit organization instead of giving even more information to Google.

I do have Chrome installed for sites that require Flash since Chrome has it built into the browser in a sandbox and I don't keep Flash or Java installed on my computers anymore. For my uses the two browsers are comparable enough in every aspect that I don't feel like I am missing out on anything by using Firefox as my main browser.

I'm looking forward to whatever improvements come with Firefox Quantum but I'm happy enough with the current version of Firefox that I don't see the need to switch over to the beta of Quantum.
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Jun 7, 2009
It looks like Quantum is officially out of beta. I just had the update automatically installed on my office PC. As others have said, it feels nice and snappy but the old browser was already pretty quick so this isn't a massive change. The only thing that looks a little odd to me is the rectangular tabs instead of the curved edges. The empty square space to the left of the first tab looks a little weird but i'm sure it's something I won't even notice after I use the browser for a few days.

I also took this opportunity to finally make a Firefox account so my bookmarks and settings will be synced across my PCs. I know this has been a feature for a long time but I never bothered to set it up.


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Dec 5, 2014
Might give the new Firefox a try. I was never a fan of Firefox, but try it out every so often. I’ve been using Chrome forever because of it’s speed rendering pages and the ability to sign into your Google account to sync bookmarks and access the history from other devices. I’ve seen reports of Chrome being a memory hog, I’ve never experienced it. My main desktop at home is maxed out at 32GB of RAM, and my other desktop, my laptop and my two work computers are all maxed out at 16GB, so maybe that’s why. Never been into what made Firefox famous, extensions. I fail to see why I need an add on to tell me the current weather when I can just look out a window, or want to see the five-day forecast when I can go to

With Chrome I run exactly four extensions, and one of them may be the reason why I stick with it. An extension to bring back the Backspace to go back a page functionality, a Fox News extension, AdGuard AdBlocker and the big one for me, a Philips Hue extension called Lightswitch that I paid for. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, I still like to make it appear as if I’m home when I’m not, especially now that it gets dark so early. If I’m staying late at work, I’ll just randomly light up a few of the bulbs that you can see from the road and change them every so often.

After going to Windows 10 1709, Chrome seems a little bit sluggish to me, especially when switching tabs. This is on all four of my WIN 10 PCs, that just went through a clean install of 1709 and are running the latest version of Chrome 64 bit. My lone WIN7 PC seems fine. That's what may motivate me to give Firefox Quantum a try.

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