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Jun 2, 2012
Northern, VT
The Brother DCP-1612W laser printer is on sale for 59$ Canadian (including free shipping).
Anyone have any experience w/ this model and/or brand.

I was holding out for an HP or Cannon on Black Friday but price wise I might jump on this.

Cheers, K
I have three Brother laser printers in the office. 8000 and 6000 Series. Oldest is 10 yrs old and newest is 6 yrs old. Change the drums and toner and they just keep chugging along. Lots of document printing and scanning over the years.
First thing to check is consumables cost and availability. This can be a problem when they're blowing out printers at 1/3rd of retail. Looks like the factory toner cartridge is around $50 and is rated for 1,000 pages. Figure you get less than two reams per cartridge; maybe as low as 1-1/2 reams of paper. It appears that this model was designed for Canada/UK markets. You may want to check your local office supply stores to see what they stock in terms of consumables as the 1612W manual is dated 2014. Staples does not list this model nor does Office Depot but they may carry something that is compatible from another Brother model.

Scanner is a plus/minus depending on your needs. Self-feeding scanners are a big plus in this kind of device.

Looking at the Brother US site, they seem sketchy about Windows 10 compatibility. Drivers should be fine but included applications may be problematic going forward.

One of the two Amazon reviews suggests that setting up wireless is difficult.

I'm partial to the Samsung LASERs as I've had very good luck and the factory consumables are fairly priced.
Consumables price is a big deal. I buy all mine from Amazon or Sams. No idea why but they are half the price of Staples and Office Depot on toner and drums for mine. 49.99 @ Amazon and Sams. 109.99 and 99.99 at Staples and Office Depot.
Kraven- I have two printers here. Both are Brother MFC models. One is an 11x17 Ink jet / copier. and the other is a Laser color printer. They even work from an iphone on the wifi network. They have been the longest lasting printers I have ever owned, including an HPIII Laser I bought back in the 80's. Both are on my Wifi network and serve all the PC's and Macs in the house. I have no complaints. Both are over 15 years old.
Well, my MFC 9840CDW just broke today. A spring came out from somewhere in the paper tray compartment and now it won't feed paper from the tray. But it will feed paper from the pull down door which is feeding fine for about a 50 page stack. Everything else is still working great. I think I'll use it this way as I don't want to spend the money for a new one this year.

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