First it was "Clear TV" "HD Clear Vision Antenna"

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Nov 17, 2003
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Couple years ago the commercial (and even infomercial) for "Clear TV" was out there and yeah we made fun of it. Here is that thread

But now its EVEN BETTER!!! Saw a commercial for "HD Clear Vision Antenna"....this one STICKS TO STUFF!!
They show you can stick it on the wall behind the TV or on the window...

I mean....really? Its basically the same commercial with the "recent federal mandate says all full power stations have to be in digital".....yeah in 2009 ;)

I guess it would probably work when I lived in Duluth...only 2 miles from towers. But then again a paper clip worked too


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Mar 20, 2005
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I saw this commercial too and like all the others it made me upset at how they take advantage of people. There are actually 2 other commercials like the two you mentioned. One uses a small plastic satellite dish that you place near your TV to receive "free" TV and save hundreds each year. :) The other is a small (approx. 6 inch) stick antenna that you attach to the back of your TV.

I recently reviewed a better version of these products that includes a 25dB amplifier that actually received 26 channels here in the Pittsburgh area. However, only if you live within 20 miles of the transmitters. The same antenna only received a small handful of channels in Eastern, PA. I'm new in business and like Brian Gohl whom I consider a great mentor, I only sell products that I own or tested before making them available to customers.


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Nov 25, 2003
I usually straighten a paper clip and stick it in the f-connector... But I have an eaves-mounted outside UHF antenna at home which removes interference patterns like people walking around...

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