First Look: DishPro Plus 33 Switch

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Once again SatelliteGuys.US is proud to give you another FIRST LOOK at another upcoming product from Dish Network.

This is the Dish Pro Plus 33 Switch which is expected to be available in limited quantities within a few weeks.

All the info is below, click the thumbnail for the full screen image.

Enjoy and thanks for being a SatelliteGuys member.


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no power inserter required, so that should make it a little cheaper and a slightly easier install for some (only use one outlet)
Did anyone notice that it's not compatible with the Dish 1000.2 LNBF ??
It can't be compatible, the Dish 1000.2 doesn't exist in the real world... :)

If we add a third receiver this would be perfect for us since we use a DISH 1000+ dish.
If it says that it is not compabible with the 1000.2 dish then that either means that this switch was made before they planned the release of the 1000.2 dish or that we can expect the 1000.2 to come out soon.
Scott Greczkowski said:
This wont work with a Dish 1000+ as that is 4 satellite locations.

Oops, I must have said the wrong dish. I have the one that points to 110, 119, and 129.
It states that it is not compatible with the DPP twin lnbf's either. This means that ONLY A DP LNBF CAN BE USED WITH THIS SWITCH!!! It can be cascaded with a DP-34 switch though which is good.

I imagine that it is not compabable with DPP twin lnbfs due to the fact that it has a built in switch and the DPP cannot cascade from one to another but a DP-34 switch can cascade to the DPP-33 switch. Talk about confusion when trying to explain this to someone when your explaining which switches are compatable with each other and to which lnbf's and receivers.
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Stargazer said:
It states that it is not compatible with the DPP twin lnbf's either. This means that ONLY A DP LNBF CAN BE USED WITH THIS SWITCH!!! It can be cascaded with a DP-34 switch though which is good.

Well that makes my setup incompatibile since my dish has a DPP Twin built into it.

What a crock....
From an installer point of view its really no big deal to swap a DPP Twin with a DP twin. Its actually about a $12 cost savings to use a DP Twin instead of a DPP Twin.

I see this switch as a good thing, because many times especially with HD the customer gets a 211/311 and a 322. Until this is available we have been using the standard DP34 which means we have to run 2 cables to the 322. With the DP33 it will atleast eliminate a cable run.

However with this new switch, It seems a bit half assed backwards....

#1 It should have been designed to work with a DPP Twin. I know its cheaper to use it without it, but being that the DPP44 works with a DPP twin LNB, and that in the case a customer is adding a receiver to an existing DPP setup we should be able to use this switch without having to swap LNB's

#2 The fact it has no cascading ports like the DP34 and DPP34 is stupid.

#3 Why not make a DPP34 switch instead and release it as a replacement for the DP34,

As far as this switch not working with the new DISH1000.2 its no big deal since this switch is basically doing the same thing with 3 satellites and 3 receivers using DPP technology.

Hopefully this switch will provide an easy solution for customers with an existing DP34 who want to upgrade to a Dual Tuner receiver without having to run new cables.
You'd also have to change the way the dish is cabled. Right now you get a DPP Twin with a DPP Single cabled directly to it, to pick up three satellites. You can't just do a DP Twin for DPP Twin swap.

I don't doubt that the switch is handy. I just think the naming is insane.

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