FLASH: Dish 322 and 522 Release Dates Announced!

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Sep 7, 2003
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A Special Bulletin just came in from Dish Network...

The 322 and 522 will be available this month!

The official roll out dates are as follows:

DISH 322 available November 12, 2003
DISH Player-DVR 522 available week of November 17, 2003

Note however that these units are ONLY for NEW DHP Customers ONLY.

No word when the units will be available to existing customers.

There will be a special Retailer only Charlie Chat on Wednesday.

Remember you read this here FIRST at SatelliteGuys.US!
Thanks Scott for the scoop, but what exactly is a NEW DHP Customer?

What is DHP ............ I have been a subscriber for three years now and really want the 522 upgrade........... any advice?
What criteria does Dish use to check if you are already a subscriber? I'd like to dump my current non-DHP setup and go with new locals, superdish and a 522!!
Okay guys ............ so what is DHP ?

I really apoligize for the dumb question. :rolleyes:
(D)igital (H)ome (P)lan - DHP - A promotion for new customers that allows them to lease one or multiple receivers on the account that comes with a service protection plan that covers the hardware and limited service. Dish Network charges $5 per month extra on the account for this lease option.
OK, can someone tell me why no mention of this was made at all on last nights chat? Since Dish likes to use word of mouth (Club Dish) as part of their sales wouldn't it be nice if they let folks know this was coming within the next week?
I imagine that

they are replacing the 510 with the 522 in the DHP plan. Any word on that?
I want a 522 and a 811, and I want it before my 30-day trial of Voom runs out!

Voom is nice, but it's not worth the $750 up front cost, when Dish is going to be giving their receivers away for $5 a month (hopefully).
Has anybody noticed that when the 6000s were put on "firesale" that the DHP customers were "second class citizens" and now that the x22's are coming out for the DHP (Dish Home Plan) customers, the regular customers are now complaining about being "second class." Hmmmm! Makes you wonder!
minnow said:
Why just DHP newbies ? What's the logic behind that line of thinking ?
Just like any new product there will be a supply problem at first as they ramp up the manufacturing process. While the 322's and 522's are in short supply DISH is going to use them as bait to hook new customers. From a corporate standpoint this makes sense - just look how their stock was hammered today because they fell 5% short on their new subscriber numbers for the last quarter.

To confirm Stargazer's input on the 522... I called Dish and played the "newbie customer" wanting to get the new locals and one of them "recorder gizmos" and they told me the 510 was available. I asked about the 522 (which my neighbor told me was coming) and the rep said the 522 was "postponed" and she had no availablity date.
I've been reading most of these threads but I'm still confused. Can someone tell me what I would have to do to get HD from Dish in Central WI? If the SuperDish doesn't work, will I have to get two dishes?

My perfect plan was to get a 522 and a 811 on November 1st under the DHP plan that was posted as a pdf here (Free with 2-yr committment, $10 per month to lease). I assumed Superdish and installation would be free with this also.

Now with the delays, and superdish not working everywhere, what are my options?

I currently have Voom, but was planning on cancelling it due to the fact that it was $750 up front. But if I'm going to have to pay alot up front with Dish also, then I might as well stay with Voom.

D* is not an option as I'm in an NRTC area, and can't get any of the promos.
Should I delay my installation for the 522?

I'm getting a PVR 510 installed on Sunday.. Should I have my installation delayed and wait for the 522? Does anyone know what the promotion will be, exactly?


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