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These are the new episodes from series 2. I have also listed the series 1 episodes. I do not know if all of them where ever aired.

Focused - Series 2


1. Ski Russia

The town of Sochi is situated at the foot of the Caucasus mountain range on the Black Sea. It is the main seaside resort of Russia and gateway to the ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana. The area of Krasnaya Polyana is a snow belt of Europe, very similar to the Wasatch range in Utah, huge amounts of snow fall here due to the proximity of the black sea. There is no skiing this good anywhere in Europe. We are bringing pro skiers that have visited the region before and cannot wait to go back.

2.a. Heli Ski Alaska, Tulsequah, British Columbia
This has the makings of an epic journey. First the crew goes by plane to Juneau Alaska. From the beautiful coastal town, we board a single engine ski plane. The flight takes us across the magnificent Juneau Ice Cap, and lands on a remote glacier. From there our crew is based out of an abandoned mining camp that is updated for modern heli skiers. Based right in the middle of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world our crew will bring back some of the most amazing ski footage ever. OR depending on snow conditions 2.b. Mica Creek Heli Ski North of Washington state, in interior British Columbia, lies some of the most spectacular mountains in the world. We are planning on chartering a private helicopter and skiing first descents all over the range. Mica Creek has a great lodge only accessible in the winter by helicopter. This lodge will serve as our home for two weeks.

3. European Road Trip
We take two pro skiers and send them to Europe going from resort to resort exploring the people and places. On this trip are primary focus is capturing the best skiing possible. We plan on renting vans and driving throughout France, Italy and Switzerland. From the South of France the incredible Mt. range of the Pyranees, through the small mob run Italian ski resorts in Italy and to the history drenched historic mountaineering town of Chamonix. This road trip with some of the best skiers in the world will sure to have a ton of amazing views, lifestyle and of course, ski footage.

4. Ski and Snowmobile the American West
The modern snowmobile is an incredible machine for accessing some amazing skiing. Our plan is to load up professional skiers, a bunch of snow machines and head out through Utah, California and British Columbia. It will be a storm chasing road trip through the best mountains in the Western United States.

5. Mountain Biking Cliff Drops of the Southwest

The deserts of the southwest offer some of the most amazing visual landscape in the world. This year we are planning on taking some of the world’s best mountain biking talent though some of the best desert vistas the Southwest has to offer. Including Southern Utah where over the years we have filmed, scouted and created a new style of downhill mountain bike riding. This show would show case the amazing look of HD with red, purple, black sand, intense sunsets, and time lapses. The soft sand of the southwest invites huge cliff drops and incredible wipe outs. This is why we invented the Red Bull Rampage and have shot it in Zion for the past four years. Zion is only scratching the surface of the deep visuals Southern Utah has to offer.

6. Mountain Bike in South America
For years different mountain bikers have been courting us to come down to South America to explore what the Andes have to offer. We are taking the Kona Freeride Mt. Bike team, the same crew from New Zealand, team to Chile and setting it off. This trip will feature lots of travel around Chile and we plan to capture the uniqueness of this far off exotic destination.

7. Urban Assault Trip, Riding the Euro Rail
We take two of the best urban mountain bikers in the world, Aaron Chase and Jeff Lenosky throughout Europe to capture their incredible riding skills in some of the best old world cities. These guys take Mt. Bike trials riding to the next level. They jib off everything, walls, fountains, rails, you name it.

Some of these episodes from series 1 aired already on Rush HD around [rul=]March 2005[/url]

Focused - Series 1

Please find below an episodic breakdown of the series.

Join the action-seekers of Team Kona as they team up in New Zealand for an extreme mountain-biking session.

Helicopter skiing and BASE jumping from top athletes as they risk their lives from Bella Coola, British Columbia.

Join four of the world’s best skiers as they are filmed by helicopter skiing the Lyngen Alps in Norway.

Parts 1 & 2 The world’s best ski BASE jumpers risk life and limb as they take to the mountains of France and Switzerland.

Join Steve Peat and Cedric Garcia as they train and compete in the Mountain Bike World Cup.

The Oakley mountain bike team make their way through the woods of British Columbia on ladder bridges.

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