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Aug 16, 2004
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Is there a way to set the forums to display everything in standard font size?

Curious, as some like to make their point (or spam) using really big fonts.

Not that I am aware of. I know what you mean though. ;)
You could put "G" or "B" on ignore - makes life much more pleasant !
It's not only them.

I mentioned the Spam part, as that happens in other parts of Satguys as well. The overuse of large font sizes is annoying to readers.

I would just like an option that lets me display all the fonts in the standard size.
Firefox Quantum has an option to override the font. I think the old Firefox may have had this option as well.

Options->Fonts and colors->Advanced and uncheck the box that says "Allow pages to choose their own fonts".
I’m trying to remember if I ever saw huge fonts using the Reader app.
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