For Birdviews wanting 4D/W-5 systems-original high block DUAL LNB


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Oct 13, 2007
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This is the Birdview Brand High-block LNB. Output 950-1450mhz. (not the original proprietary BV LNB which only worked with Birdview's 20/20 series receiver)

Good for anyone resurrecting a Birdview for use with SRL's programming on a converted 4DTV receiver. Feeds vertical and horizontal simultaneously.

Power is applied down the horizontal side only on this....which gives simulatneous polarities available on the BNC connectors, so best used with the dual-input 920's, and 922's for W-5/SRL and scanning for ITC feeds. Not sure how you'd feed both polarities to an FTA receiver. Can slave FTA off one side at a time, that I did do, there may be a way to do more.

Not compatible with voltage-changing polarity receivers.

At least (2) available. Some cleaner than others, all clean inside the antenna area. Asking best offer over $15 each plus actual parcel post. PM first, please for paypal info.


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