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Dec 15, 2005
As most of you know, I access the usenet 4dtv forums on Usenet. They are free too!

There is a company (URL witheld!) that is spamming almost all groups related to satellite, with the forbidden fruit! (you know what I mean) It started slowly now it is really on full blast!

it is really irritating since the sat usenet groups are where I get lots of good legal info too!:(

Now it is really out in the open...too bad Iceberg or Pete can't "drop the hammer" there!!!:D

Maybe I will respond, with a forward message to the pizza guys! That should give them the gas!

I am not that pure, but this can only lead to trouble for the FTA Hobby That I have learned to enjoy!

Pete, or Ice...If you want the URL, just PM me! Maybe you can get at them with your contacts! They need to be gone!
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