Fortec 6' dish Feedhorn rods??


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Jul 19, 2006
Hi there guys,

I'm in a strange situation. I have foretec 6' solid BUD. Now few days back when i was fine aligning the dish and elevation was pretty low, the dish fell on ground and the LNB supporting rods slightly turned since then am having problem really finding the focal point for LNB as signal varies so much.

Can I find just these supporting rods somewhere or I can use some other way to hook the LNB with my dish?

Will appreciate help.

Use a level with a laser to recenter the scaler.

Lay the level across the face of the scaler with the laser beam centered on the LNB throat. Emit the laser towards the reflector. Center the LNB on this first axis then try the level at several opposing angles, each time making slight centering ajustments to aim the laser exactly to the center of the reflector.
Start first at 90 degree angles until the LNB throat appears centered, then start fine tuning by measuring at 45 degrees and less until the laser stay perfectly centered on all axis' indicating that the LNB throat is perfectly centered on the reflector.

Once the LNB throat is centered on the reflector, it will be time to resume the signal peaking process.
Is this a prime focus or offset dish? You should be able to get the dish specifications from the manufacturer and then check the LNB position by making warious measurements. i.e. if it is a prime focus dish, then the focal point should be measured from the exact centre of the dish to just inside the feed horn. Also the measurement from any point of the rim (outside edge) of the dish (if it is round and a prime focus) to the focal point should be the same no mattery where on the rim you take the measurement from. (please note this is not the same distance as the focal point measurement from the centre of the dish) Now if the dish got bent out of shape when it fell, then you must first straighten it out before these measurements will work. A few pieces of string strung across the dish from rim to rim should all meet at a point in the air above the centre of the dish. If one string is higher and another lower, then the dish is bent and must be straightened for maximum signal collection.

If it is an offset dish, most manufacturers have drawings of what a few of the major measurements should be. Check carefully against those values.

With either prime focus or and offset dish, if it has taken a fall, check the dish first to make sure it has not bent, then check for the focal point.
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