Fortec Lifetime Ultra - Power Scan - Ability to change Frequency Increments?

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Jul 26, 2005
Southwestern Ontario
I've got my motorized setup going, I'm having a blast using the Power Scan option on my Fortec Lifetime Ultra receiver. I've noticed that the Power Scan doesn't find Dr Gene's University Channel on T6. I either need to manually key in that transponder info, or use the pre-programmed satellite frequencies when I do a scan on that bird.

Is there a setting hidden somewhere in my Fortec Lifetime Ultra receiver that will let me decide what frequency increments to use when doing a blind scan? I'd love to be able to do a really deep scan of a bird and let it run overnight to see what pops up.

Anybody know of such a setting and what menu / series of keystrokes on the remote I would use to change that setting?
I havent seen one on the Ultra. I know you can set the frequency range but not the steps.

Doc Scott is a bugger for me to pick up on almost all my boxes on a blind scan for some odd reason. I hit it about 1/3 of the time.
Doc Scott is the only cursing, cigar smoking preacher man I've ever seen - that is definately some entertainment that I've never seen on Cable TV or ExpressVu/Starchoice/Dishnetwork/DirecTV. I've set my receiver back to factory defaults a few times just playing with it, learning how the motor control works etc. I manually punch in that transponder info to make sure that I get Dr Gene on the screen! I'm just wondering what other treasures I'm missing, that's why I'd like to do a deep scan overnight of every satellite to see what I've missed :)

Fun Fun Fun! If I was a single man, I'd cancel my Expressvu subscription and just live off of what I could pick up on the Fortec Power Scans :) The wife isn't as patient waiting for the scans as I am.. I equate it to fishing.. Sitting there for a long time, and then I get a bite (transponder shows up on the screen). I wait patiently for the Power Scan to finish, then the satellite scan begins which is the fishing net that brings in the channels :)

Yep. I'm an addict. I need to go to BlindScan Anonymous.
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