Fox News Is Up On CH. 412 "Thanks VoOM"

I'll take credit

When I signed up for Voom yesterday I made it contingent on them adding Fox News ;-)

This is great timing - that was a channel I was hoping for (if I'm going to listen to biased news, I may as well listen to news biased to my preference!)
The only time I ever really watch any news channels is during a major disaster. I hope this isn't a bad omen!! Glad to see VOOM adding to their lineup in any case.
FNC Appreciated

Another hurdle in my conversion to VOOM has been leaped. Give me ESPN (all channels) and the old dish will come out. (I still want Westerns in the Starz Pack.)
Call it denial... or whatever, but I just realized that as of next wed (hopefully) I will be NHLess during the playoffs!!!!!
I'm glad Voom has added this channel. Now I don't have to listen to all that liberal one sided junk on MSNBC and CNN.
babyj said:
voom hasnt made any announcements or anything. voom's website is useless. we can make a better site that that.

We did make a better site then that. :)


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