Frame By Frame on Hopper 54.0 remote?


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Mar 28, 2012
I could have swore there was a way to skip frame by frame on this remote... I tried to send Dish a message on Facebook and they said yeah, there is a way to do it and directed me to the page on their site where you press the buttons to see what they do. So really they didn't exactly tell me how to do it and in fact I dont think the rep even really knew if it was possible and passed me to the page to figure it out myself.

Im almost positive I accidentally stumbled on it one day and couldn't figure out how I did it. I pressed pause and tried arrow keys to no avail. I also used forward and reverse buttons when paused and thats more of seeking or skipping 10 frames but not frame by frame. So frustrating.
You have to go slow with this but: Press Pause and, if live, allow the program to be paused for a bit and then quickly press Skip Forward. Do not press that button too long ir it will fast forward to live. That doesn't seem to work for recorded programs.
I tried it on a recording and it worked fine using a 50.0 remote as I am sure the 54.0 remote is similar as the only real difference is the touch pad and the virtual number buttons. I paused and skip forward for like 1/8 second.
I always saw the frame by frame but what I wished DISH did was if anything other than 1x speed, it should also play the audio at the speed selected if the user wanted to hear the audio to match which they can turn on or off. Maybe offer playback speeds when playing back since sometimes you might want to watch something at faster or slower than 1x speeds even though it can end up with Alvin and the chipmunks talking or slow motion talking.
Actually I screwed up. It wasn't double tap. You wait for the seek banner at the bottom to go away and once it does you press FWD and it does it with each press. So no double tap like I thought. Cause I spent all day trying to get it to do it again and I couldn't until zi realized this. Just wait for the seek to disappear and it should do it every time.

Edit* it does do it on DVR recordings too as long as you wait for the seek banner to disappear.