Free Dish Promotion Lives!

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(Some (of a lot) of Dish Network retailers are going to be real happy, the Free Dish Promotion which was slated to end on July 31st has been extended)

Dear DISH Network Retailer,

In an effort to provide Free DISH Retailers an easy transition to the DIGITAL HOME ADVANTAGE promotion during our selling season, we have extended the FREE DISH promotion through January 31, 2005.

Based on your feedback this extension will allow you:
o Extra time to ramp up DHA sales.
o To get familiar with our new DISH Pro Plus technology and learn how easy dual-tuner installations can be with these products.
o To utilize your current inventory levels and make room to accommodate the new dual-tuner products.
o A promotion to sell the 921 product.

FREE DISH promotional materials will be available in limited quantities via The Hibbert Group by early August.

Our primary promotions will continue to be DIGITAL HOME ADVANTAGE and the new DIGITAL HOME ADVANTAGE 24-Month Commitment.

Additionally, we will be eliminating the Free DISH and DHA alternate tier promotion for those customers who do not pass our standard credit score.

To recap, the following promotions will be available beginning August 1, 2004 through January 31, 2005:
o DHA 24-Month Commitment
o Free DISH
o Free-For-All
o Big DISH Exchange
o Alaska Offer
o Puerto Rico Offer
o Summer Fever Promotion (Through 9/30/04)

As always we appreciate your continued feedback.

Thank You for Supporting DISH Network!
Dish Network probably realized that they could not compete against DirecTv that well if they did not have a promotion giving the customer a system that they can own.
they're waiting to soften the blow with the new DP+ Technology... As usual, the promotions department is a step ahead of warehousing.

glad to see they're learning from past mistakes.
What will DP+ do? I haven't heard of that. It's never been mentioned in any Charlie Chat(normal, retailer, or tech)
Dish Pro Plus Technology is alive and well.

Check in the forum for my review of the DishPro Plus 44 switch. (And this switch has been talked about a lot on the chats) :)

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