Legacy or DishPro (Lnbf)


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Feb 11, 2004
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Are there both Legacy and DishPro "dual" Lnbf's ? If so, how can you tell the difference? Is the DP logo on the side the only way to identify?

If they're Legacy, what switch would be used to combine the 110 and 119 (on a Dish 500) into one feed for a 301? The DishStore sells a Gen SW-21, a Gen SW-21X and a SW-21 switch. Other than the SW-21X being able to cascade with a SW-21, do all 3 switches do the same thing?

If they're DishPro, you'd use a DP21 ?

thanks for any info..
Yes yes yes.

A DP21 combines 2 DPDuals to one rcvr. The DP logo on the back is the easiest way to identify.

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