TiVo series 2 hookup with 522?


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May 21, 2004
i was wondering if it is possible to hook up a series 2 tivo to my 522? I've got a 60 hr. series 2 tivo and need to know if i need a generic dish network receiver to be able to use it...would it be possible to use a multi switch connecting to my 522 and also to my tivo? help me out here? I've gotten lots of useful info from you guys before...thanks!
joehandy said:
i guess what I'm asking, is do i need another dn receiver to hook up my tivo...
You could get a base model 301/311 and connect your TiVo to it just like you would add a VCR. You would have to pay an extra charge for the additional receiver. :confused:
TIVO & 522

I am currently using a TIVO and a 522. I know it's redundant, but my wife likes TIVO better than the 522. If name-based recording doesn't come along soon I will probably change receivers to a non-dvr type. Anyway, I connected the composite outputs from my 522 (TV1) to the composite inputs of my TIVO. It works OK. My biggest problem is the stupid screensaver. If it's on TIVO cannot change the channel and it will just record the screensaver. I've avoided the problem (with my wife) by clearing the screensaver every morning before work. TIVO records enough during the day to keep it from coming on. Anytime we go out of town for a couple days I make sure the 522 will also record her shows (soaps, reality, etc.) just in case. It's not the greatest setup. If you have more questions, email me directly, I don't get to check this board very often.
By default updates are enabled at 3:00 AM. Set up a manual timer to tune the receiver to one of your working channels at 4:00 AM. This will eliminate the problem. You will have problems recording something that is one between 3:00 and 4:00, but you can adjust the times for the least problem.

Also, make absolutely sure that Tivo knows what channels you can get. If it tries to switch to a channel that you don't subscribe to, it will get stuck and won't be able to change the channel again.

Good luck!

I tried setting a timer for 4am. I had to set two because TV2 is my default and Tivo is connected to TV1. I set up two five minute timers that started one minute apart on different channels. The two channels would record, but when I got up in the morning both processor would be off, therefore TIVO had no control. Another problem with that, if the 522 changes channels to record, TIVO doesn't know the channel has been changed. Changing the channel with TIVO (to any channel) will synch them back up, but if TIVO tries to record on the channel it's currently on, it will actually record what's on the channel the 522 changed to. The TIVO/522 combination is really not a good setup in my opinion. Too much to remember.
I've got the same setup as smccollamjr. The reason why I use the Tivo in conjunction with the 522 is because of the 522's lack of NBR and season passes. I only use the 522 to record one time shot programs. I use the Tivo for things I don't want to miss and can set a wishlist or season pass for.

Like smccollamjr I don't like the setup, but until DN's DVR gets at least NBR I can't trust it to record my shows that I don't want to miss.
im pretty sure there is an option to use Dish Network on TIVO I think the lady at the company was just trying to get us to pay the extra 5 bucks a month for using their DVR. Had I known that I would have stuck with just using my TIVO.
I am using a 322 with my Series 1 Tivo. I have set it up as described and have only lost one program to the bouncing screen saver.

On the 522 create a 'Auto' timer, not a DVR timer. When the Tivo wants to record, I'm pretty sure it will issue the channel change command, even if it thinks it's already on the correct station.

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