FROM DISH: L1.45 Upgrade Tip

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Sep 7, 2003
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Dish asked me to pass along this information for the 921 community as a whole.

Last night L1.45 came down, there have been many calls to Dish because of problems because of the upgrade.

I am told that in order for the update to finish its instalation you must REBOOT your box after the new software is installed.

To reboot your 921 you can remove and reinsert your smartcard, or you can press and hold your power button til the unit resets.

After you do this you will notice most of your oddities will go away.
I hope so... Does anyone have any comments about the very buggy recording setup and viewing? For some reason the unit did NOT record ER last night on OTA channel 039-01. Very sad.... Favorite show... ON the other hand, once the bugs are worked out, and I can stop trying various workarounds (such as having to go to guide, find a non OTA channel, then select it, then exit out of DVR viewing... to THEN be able to switch channels when an HD program is recording! (and hopefully not locking up)... I will be VERY happy, it's an awesome unit and have had it for most of this month!
I have not tried rescanning my OTA Channels yet.

BTW I tried posting this tip to another site to inform all 921 owners of this and it keeps getting deleted, But I will keep posting it because I believe all 921 owners should know about this tip. I know it cleared up the problems I was having.

I posted it to help all 921 users and not as a site vs site thing. Its a shame others want to consider themselves Official 921 Support Sites but then I get OFFICIAL news from Dish to pass along and they dont want it.

Makes me wonder what their agenda is.
I had to reprogram all of my timers (for OTA channels) so that they will fire after the upgrade. At least that is what seems to have caused my unit to start recording OTA signals.
How often does the update spool?

I have been away for a week to make funeral arrangements in another state and unplugged everything before I left.

I didn't want anything to get fried in my absence.

*EDIT 5:30AM*
OK, it DL'd the 30 parts and did its thing about 4:30 AM. I didn't have to pull the smartcard.
I went from a DVR event to a channel by direct input and got the dreaded gray screen with the X right in the middle. I still feel as though the newest upgrade has turned the 921 into a useful machine rather than a book end.
Keep those upgrades coming!

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