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Jan 1, 2004
I am a long term DISH subscriber and just got a call from my brother who has finally had it with Cable looking for advise on Sat service.

He is a TERPS fanatic (also went to school there) but I am not so one question came up that I can not answer.

My brother said that if he can not get the TERPS on DISH which he can get on Comcast Cable, that is a deal breaker.

He just called during a Terps game that was on Comcast and asked me if I could get it on my DISH system.
I have AT100 and found the game right now on channel 422 and it was called CSN - Comcast Sports Network.

A question for the Terps fans from Maryland in here.
If he makes the switch to DISH and gets AT100 , is he guaranteed that if the Terps are playing on Comcast, will it also be broadcast on a channel on DISH?

Sure would appreciate a reply as my brother will kill me if I help him make the switch to DISH and he can't get the Terps games.

There are several Comcast feeds. That is a pretty big RSN. On some occasions DISH subs get the Carolina feed vs a DC one. Still a large number of Tersps games are tehre----and for those who dont know that is the University of Maryland Terrapins.
Well I live at the absolute southern central VA that is possible, and I do get the CSN feed. I am prolly around 230 miles from up there in DC and MD and that is my RSN. By the way its 424 not 422. Depending on where he lives withing a prolly 250-300 mile radius i feel he should recieve it without being blacked out. And if he isblacked out he canget espnfull court and recieve all Terps games.

It is not a question of a blackout. It is a question of which feed DISH shows from that RSN. Because they ahve such alarge territory they have multiple feeds.
CSN In Delaware

I have Comcast Sports net in Delaware via Dish, comes in the AT120 with no addl charge. (I use it to watch my Red Sox beat up the O's.)

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