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Jul 12, 2004
I am a Dish 500 subscriber and have recently moved, and am now struggling with installing my dish.

I can't give you the model number of my LNB, but it has two eyes and an external switch. When I first tryed to set it up, I was receiving around 68% signal strength on 110, but no signal on 119. I decided to check the switch to make sure that I was on the right satellite. It showed the switch model number, with odd and even on satellite 110, but X's in 119.

As I tried to tune 119 in, I wound up with 110 showing up in 119. Checked the switch again, and have now lost everything. My receiver no longer sees that the switch is even there. I have tried making all kinds of adjustments, but I get the same result. I then bypassed the switch using a barrel connector to try to tune in just 110, but the receiver gets no signal.

I have now tried just about everything. I have checked continuity through my coax, I have tried extensive tweaking with the dish, and I have tried a different receiver. I still get the same message: "No Switch Connected".

Does the dish have to be properly lined up with the satellite for the receiver to see the switch? Can a switch just go bad? Certainly it shouldn't be the receiver, as I have tried two that were working just fine and gotten the same results. Is their a system setting that needs to be reset?

I have set-up a couple of these before and have never had this problem. Any help you can give me I would appreciate, as I am getting really irritated with this!
If the receiver isn't seeing both satellites it can't detect a switch so you do have to align the system first. You just moved so call DISH and get setup under the "DISH mover" program for $99 or less they will reinstall your system and end your frustration. 1-800-333-3474 :)
Try by passing the SW 21 switch with a barrel connector and see if you can tune in 119 make sure your skew and elevation are set for your new location. The biggest problem with do it yourselfers is they don't mount the mast plumb thats 50% of the installation make sure to use a level and try to keep the bubble centered. If you do these things and find 119sat 110 should pop in. Bill

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