Single Mode?


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Jul 13, 2004
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I heard that Single mode was being pused out last night to the first 5000 recievers. Did it go out and how well does it work? I am curious because I get my Dish system tomorrow and it has a 522 in it and I would like to use it for my big tv.
If I remember correctly they said that the roll out was supposed to begin at 2 AM and continue for the next 30 days.
Yeah... jsut wondered if anyone got it and if it works appropriately. Are there really that many 522s taht it takes 30 days to roll all that out?
As I posted here before. I seem to get all the updates the day they come out and my software is now L201GAGD-N and I now have single mode and it is working so far with no problems. Had PIP and Shared View is no longer greyed out in the System Setup.

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