FSS Hot Dish 75 Elevation Marker

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Oct 13, 2003
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I am attempting my first FSS installation with the HotDish75. I'm having a tough time finding Telstar 5 (IA5 now). Is the elevation marker on this particular dish the center of the adjusting bolt, the forward edge of the adjusting bolt. or somewhere else? The manufacturer's installation instructions inhale vigoriously.

I can't find the white mark/that line up with elevation mark

Hello I am tring to set up my hot dish/but cant find the mark that line up with the elevation mark.On my 18'' dish it a white edge tell me where.I dont see this on this dish. help help please help
Use the middle of the bolt as your elevation setting marker, its not ideal but used in conjunction with a satellite meter or your TV its something that only needs set once, good luck!
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