Futile effort (undoubtably) to explain my issues with DirecTV.

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Feb 19, 2005
I sent a Tweet to YouTube TV saying I was probably leaving DirecTV after 25+ years. DirecTV support saw it and a support person contacted me saying "Let's talk. Maybe I can help". I couldn't help myself. I felt compelled to send them an IM with my issues.


Hi Sherma. I don't believe you can help. You're with Customer Assistance. At a minimum I need someone from Retention. I have an equipment problem and a pricing problem. Equipment Problem(s): My satellite dish is old and rusted. Periodically I lose signal for a split second so I wonder whether it also needs re-aimed. My main receiver is an HR44-700. An older model with a video bridge. I would like an HS-17 which would dictate a new client for the TV where the HR44-700 is now. I would like the HS-17 in a different spot than it is now, which probably requires different cables run. The cables I have now are a patchwork put together over 20 years. Then there is a pricing problem. Hulu Live will cost me $87.33 (not an estimate, I subscribed for a month). My last regular bill with you was $204. And a great deal of that was junk that I shouldn't be paying for in 2024. HD fees, Receiver fees, DVR fees, extra fees for extra TV's, etc. I'm paying $15.99 for a regional sports package I don't want. If you want to compete you need to price like other online services. Charge a flat fee. I'm not asking for a discount. I'm asking for a new billing model. I don't expect that, so I expect to vote with my feet. Which is a shame because in general I love the service. I think it offers a clearer picture than the streaming services. So if someone wants to talk to me, let me know here. Let me know their name, position and what number to call. And as long as it's someone a little higher up the food chain, I'll give them a call.
What I would suggest (for satellite DirecTV)

1. No extra fees other than mandated government taxes/fees
2. No discounts for new customers. Everyone pays the same price. Discounts for new customers make old customers feel cheated)
3. The price is the price. No need to call periodically for discounts.
4. Price lock (a REAL one) for 12 months when you join/renew.
5. Support from US or Canada if you are not requesting Spanish. Actually say "This is Bob in the US how can I assist". "This is Julie from Canada, How can I assist". I'm willing to wait for a callback, etc. if it meant talking to a North American English speaker. On Twitter, etc. same deal. If you request Spanish, US or Mexico.
6. RSN's are an add-on. If it helps having locals as an add-on that's fine.
7. Commitment based on the equipment received. For example: Up to 4 Tv's with new equipment: 1 year. 4-6 TV's: 2 year commitment. They must have a ton of refurb equipment. Up to 4 TV's with refurb equipment: 3 months. 4-6 TV's with refurb equipment: 6 months. Over 6 TV's time starts stacking.

Would this cost a lot of revenue? Hell yes ! But it might stem the tide of desertions.

Advertise that DirecTV will work even during internet outages. And then during weather outages, seamlessly move to internet and then back to satellite when signal is ok.

If my supposition is correct and the signal is better, advertise that fact.
Very well put ...
Keep us informed with that you hear.

I Major problem is the fact that there are No New Sats built or being built, therefore , the older Sats get, the worse off they will be, no neww recvrs to speak of.

ATT and D* combined to let the company go to hell and unless someone steps in and invests Majorly in a HURRY, it's dying future will continue.

Streaming is a Major Threat as far as picture quality goes.
I have been a long time proponent that D* has the best picture quality out there ... That was true for Many, many years.

I just turned on the Streaming service to watch my show, even though I have it on the DVR ... picture is Crisp (er) on streaming. (Paramount Plus in this case)
That is not always the case ... but at the moment it is.
You might want to check out Directv Stream. There are no extra fees.

I'm probably swapping to Hulu. We watch a lot of stuff on "DVR" and I pretty much hated the fast-forward/rewind functionality on Stream. I really like Hulu's.
Just throwing stuff against the wall to see if anything sticks........ DirecTV may not be launching any more satellites. And Dish might not be launching any more satellites. But SpaceX is launching hundreds of satellites yearly. Satellites that offer internet regardless of local issues (hurricanes, etc). And now they are inching slowly into voice in conjunction with the Telco's.

Surely ("Don't call me Shirley") there must be some way to take advantage of this...... Personally if I was SpaceX I'd let them piggyback on the signal for a small price. And let them run the streaming business. You have an internet problem you call SpaceX, you have a TV problem you call DirecTV.

For DirecTV it eliminate dishes and cables. They then grab the signal from the SpaceX modem and distribute it via Wifi or ethernet. And you can have specific DirecTV hardware attached to a TV via HDMI.

For SpaceX it might be like selling razor blades and razors. Sell the razors cheap, because you make money on the blades. Don't charge DirecTV much because every customer becomes a SpaceX internet customer.

Just spitballin' ......

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