FX channel 137 and Fox channel 5 in NY


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Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
Why is the Yankees game being shown on both channels in NYC? Where is the cubs game being shown?
This is ridiculous!!! I just called dishnetwork and they told me that my local fox decided to show only the Yankees game based on my geographical area and not the cubs - marlins game. This is ridiculous, ridiculous that fox and mlb would not show their playoff games. Is this happening on the D* as well? How about cable?
Great scheduling isn't it?
I have the same problem in Roanoke, Va. :x
MLB should be ashamed for having both games scheduled at the same time. :oops:
Fox should have designated a channel for a specific game. :idea:
I was looking for a place to email fox and mlb about this decision of the so called split telecast.

In the fox website, I found this link which asks your opiniong about each telecast. I used it to show my disastifaction with this nonsense. I will also e-mail my local sport radio to let them know how I feel about this non-sense. This is the most ridiculous thing I ever saw.

Thanks for the site. I am quite mad. This is keeping you hostage in your own house and push the yankees-red sox game down your throat. I am mad, furious, etc... :x

Are we the only one seeing this as a joke? I wonder if D* or cable is getting the same rule from Fox and MLB.
I just called my brother-in-law and he is watching both games on DirecTV. Charlie is spineless - the E* phone guy told me Steinbrenner is directing DishNetwork what to show so even though FOXSPORTS.COM says we are supposed to see one on local and the other on 137 - WRONG!

Charlie screws Dish customers again.

E* SUCKS! E* SUCKS! E* SUCKS! E* SUCKS! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Fox and FX playoff coverage

I live in the Boston area so its the same deal here. It would be nice to check in on the other game during commercials. Why can't they do a temporary alternate channel like ESPN does? They have national rights to both games so its just a matter of putting out there. We should have a choice, its the playoffs!
Getting both on Dish in NorCal

As I said on another post, I am getting both games, one on Fox and the other on FX. Mike :D
E* is wrong on this one. I just checked the fox website more carefully and in fact we should be able to see the cubs-marlins on fx. E* has misinterpret what fox has said. See this link:


Why are they treating this like the black out rule? I do not know.
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