Gallery-HD Alert: The Palace Museum series 4/21, Episode 10

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Thanks to genorosity of Gallery-HD, we got the following information about the Palace Museum playing on Gallery HD.

Thanks very much for your enthusiasm regarding Gallery HD. We're not runnning the Palace Museum series sequentially this month, but here are the air dates for the rest of the month:

Apr 5, 10: Episode 5
Apr 7, 11: Episode 6
Apr 13: Episode 11
Apr 14, 18: Episode 8
Apr 15: Episode 12
Apr 19, 24: Episode 9
Apr 21, 25: Episode 10
Apr 29: Episode 2
Apr 30: Episode 3

You'll notice that we sometime have encore presentations this month. And you can find brief program descriptions along with titles below.

The Palace Museums, Episode 1 Prehistory, Yin and Zhou
Explore the history of early dynastic China through the priceless artifacts of the Imperial art collections. Location photography and dramatizations bring the art to life.

The Palace Museums, Episode 2 Spring-and-Autumn and Warring States Periods
Confucius was China's greatest philosopher, and his life was memorialized by countless artists. See his world through paintings, sculpture and other objects in the Emperor's own collection.

The Palace Museums, Episode 3 The Ch'in and Han Dynasties
Tour the world of the Qin dynasty that first united China into a powerful empire. The history of the warring states is told through symbols of power like a lifesize army of 8,000 terracotta soldiers..

The Palace Museums, Episode 4 Six Dynasties
See the stunning calligraphic achievements of the Six Dynasties period, when war forced the royal courts of China southward to the Yangtze River.

The Palace Museums, Episode 5 Sixteen Kingdoms and Northern Wei Dynasty
Chart the development of Chinese Buddhism in the Sixteen Kingdoms through magnificent bronze sculptures and other devotional objects.

The Palace Museums, Episode 6 Sui and T'ang Dynasties The Sui Dynasty reunified China and embarked on an ambitious building program that included the Grand Canal and the production of new artistic styles.

The Palace Museums, Episode 7 T'and Dynasty and Five Dynasties
During the T'ang Dynasty the imperial capital became the largest city in the world. Painting reflect the optimism and prosperity of the times. But they also hint at a growing decadence that led to the dynasty's downfall.

The Palace Museums, Episode 8 Northern Sung Dynasty
The Northern Sung Dynasty witnessed an artistic renaissance, captured in numerous artifacts that includes a painted scroll five meters high.

The Palace Museums, Episode 9 Southern Sung Dynasty
Beginning with shots of a newly discovered shipwreck lade with porcelain, this episode reveals the opulence of the grand, but turbulent, Sung Dynasty.

The Palace Museums, Episode 10 Yuan Dynasty
The Mongol Yuan Dynasty stretched over 10,000 kilometers, it fostered new styles of art that radiated with intellect and high literary style.

The Palace Museums, Episode 11 Ming Dynasty
The Forbidden City was completed during the Ming Dynasty, a period of deep prosperity when landscape painting thrived.

The Palace Museums, Episode 12 Ching Dynasty
See a typical, highly ritualized day in the life of the Ch'ing Dynasty, when the 1.7 million artifacts in the Palace Museums were cataloged for posterity.

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