Garage Sale CB Radios

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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
On the way home from work made an unplanned stop at a garage sale, saw these two old CB's, the guy wanted $5 for both, including magnetic mount antennas. Original mics, and radios are in good condition. The EF Johnson is circa early '70,s and 23 channels. The Radio Shack looks to be 90's vintage.

Time to bench test both and see how they work.

CB band some days is open, mostly to the South at this QTH.

Anyone out there still use CB radio? I have a Radio Shack TRC-450 AM/SSB in the car, like to hear radio chatter while driving.


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1) Love garage sales

2) Yes, CB is in the WION Jeep, it helps to KNOW sometimes what the backups are on the highway and how to get around them! That's the major use for me...
I take much teasing for having one IN the Jeep, but every time we know of a backup or accident ahead of time, it's funny how people stop teasing. I use a on-handed unit by Cobra since space is very limited.
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