Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

$5.15 at Costco.... UGH!

It is bad enough that I'm going to have to pay $4.359 for premium this weekend (assuming they don't bump the price before I get there).

Regular is still $3.999.

My favorite boat gas station was $5.099 for corn-free premium on Thursday. The nearby VP Racing and Chevron were $5.499 for boat gas.
$5.49 at Costco...
My Costco is unchanged at $4.099 and the price of premium went down three cents to $4.469.

$1.40/gallon is about as big a differential as it gets. If this isn't Summer gas, I can easily see $6/gallon gas in your future.

Redwood City is $5.339 and $5.739 respectively.