genie hr44 work with Gemini ?

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call in and ask em. last i knew they were shipping it out with the HS-17.. and you have the option to not get it and get a regular client. BTW there's a one year contract for the gemini
DirecTV's site says:

Gemini connects to your existing Genie to level up your viewing experience. Enhanced features include easy access to your favorite apps, a 4K experience, a voice-controlled remote and more.​

Notice the underline. That would indicate to me that it works with HR44 (since that's a Genie box) but I am not 100% sure if they count that.
What I just posted clearly says that a Gemini can't be activated with an HR44. But that FAQ was posted over a month ago, so I'm not sure if that's still the case.
A email I got from Solid Signal

Hi Gary,

The Gemini can be activated if you already have an HR44 installed, yes.

Wll work correct ?
The HR44 came out in 2013. 13 years ago was 2011 (the same year I got D*), and the current DVR for new customers back then was the HR24.
You should keep the new HR44, in case you had any problems with the old one and also because like you just found out, the Gemini works with it.
HR44 and HR54 are two different receivers,
HR44 came out in 2013, HR54 came out in 2015.
When I got my Genie upgrade in October 2016 though, I was given an HR44, not 54.
A big difference is that the HR54 doesn't have any touch buttons on the front, other than of course the D* logo power button.
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