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Jan 20, 2006
Long Island
When trying to use Safari on my iPad, I’m getting a 403 error code (forbidden) when I try to reach this site. I can get here on Chrome.
Anyone else having this problem?
Does that clear the cookies by any chance as it seems to be related to this:
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Good browsers allow you to clear cookies by domain and that almost always fixes the problem with being denied without screwing up all of your other Web destination's cookies.

Managing cookies in Edge is particularly involved as it is buried deep in the settings and it doesn't appear you can search the settings for it (another half-vast job by Microsoft at co-opting someone else's open-source work). Regrettably, the obvious choice would be the Privacy option but that will only allow you to jettison all of the cookies for all sites. The correct option is under the heading of Cookies and Site permissions and it is a couple of steps below that. Brave doesn't bury the option quite as deep but again, you can't use the settings search feature to find it. I assume Chrome and Chromium are similarly difficult.

Apple's Safari documentation doesn't address how to delete cookies for a specific site but some websites suggest that this can be accomplished from Settings(Preferences)->Privacy->Manage Website Data making sure that you don't use the Remove All option but by reviewing the websites that it lists somewhere therein.

In Firefox, it is Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Manage Data. Firefox shows you the option when you search for "site cookies".

Deleting cookies for a specific site should be placed much higher in the menu hierarchy and it should be a searchable feature as this should be the most often used application of clearing cookies (without trashing all of your other permanent logins).
Pale Moon is my main browser,why?,because I can make it look and work the way I want it.In other words,not chromey.
Anyway in PM it couldn't be easier to deal with the 403's et al.Open history,right click any cookie from the site you want gone,in the drop down menu near the bottom click "forget about this site" and poof,everything for that site is gone.
Other than having to reenter my satguys password,no muss no fuss.
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Pale Moon is my main browser,why?,because I can make it look and work the way I want it.
As long as you want it to look and work like a five-year-old version of Firefox and you don't visit sites that it doesn't support or render correctly.

I suppose I shouldn't overlook the issues with finding up-to-date XUL-based browser extensions either.
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And I'm sick and tired of the geeknerds taking things that work and making them cool .
If that's what it takes to support the latest in online gaming and security technology (especially support for PASSKEY, hardware security keys and more powerful password managers), that's something we're probably going to have to live with.
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